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Ancestry Veterans Memorial Day 2022

Ancestry Veterans Memorial Day 2022 Pennsylvania is entirely an American holiday honoring the women and men who died in service for the United States of America. Memorial Day 2022 is on Monday, May 30. This day of dedication to our military heroes is largely celebrated as a national holiday with parades in small towns to large cities across the United States. These are the women and men who took an Oath to protect our country from all foreign and domestic enemies. They stood up against the enemy in all kinds of situations to protect our free speech and common liberties under the Constitution of the United States.

Memorial Day History

Before Memorial Day, there was Decoration Day encouraged by General John A Logan, leader of Northern Civil War Veterans. Logan called for a day to remember his fallen comrades in the aftermath of the devastating civil war between the North and the South. History notes that the Civil War ended in the spring of 1865. The United States system of national cemeteries was born in the aftermath of the most deadly war in our history.

The first Decoration Day was held on May 30th, 1868, when General James Garfield spoke at Arlington National Cemetery before 5,000. Historians note that the memorial participants had decorated the graves of 20,000 Civil War veterans with flowers. By 1890 many northern states had adopted commemorative events for Decoration Day. History notes that Southern states honored the deceased war veterans on separate dates until after World War I.

Memorial Day 2022

Over time Decoration Day evolved into Memorial Day. World War I expanded Memorial Day to include the recognition of all military in subsequent wars- World War II, Vietnam War, Korean War, and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. The United States Congress in 1968 approved the Uniform Monday Holiday Act. This Act made the last Monday in May a federal holiday- Memorial Day.

Pennsylvania Veterans Traditions

Memorial Day parades have been part of the American fabric for a long time in cities and small towns across the United States. These parades included numerous forms of military participation like marching groups and, bands plus floats. In central Pennsylvania, the smaller towns are celebrating with parades- Boiling Springs, Boyertown, Etters, Gettysburg, Hanover, Liverpool, and Manheim. Numerous areas are celebrating Veterans with Memorial Day services at local churches and military cemeteries.

Memorial Day Ancestry Veterans Honor Roll

Our Pennsylvania Memorial Day 2022 honors ancestry related military veterans listed below who served in the French and Indian War, Civil War, and World War II.

Conrad Weiser Gravesite

Berks County Veterans, Pennsylvania

Conrad Weiser Jr 1696-1760 was commissioned as Colonel in the Province of Pennsylvania Militia and served as Lieutenant Colonel in the 1st Battalion of the Pennsylvania Regiment with service in the French and Indian War. He resigned from this position on November 24, 1756.

A Post about the life and service of Conrad Weiser to the Colony of Pennsylvania was made available in September 2019. Place of Burial: Conrad Weiser Memorial Park, Womelsdorf, Pa.

Philip Weiser 1722-1761, Son of Conrad Weiser, French and Indian  War Veteran: Commissioned Army Lieutenant in 1754.  Place of Burial: Reith Zion Lutheran Cemetery, Berks County, PA.

Northumberland County Veterans, Pennsylvania

William Witmer 1846-1937. Civil War Veteran: Drafted at the age of 17 on October 28, 1863. Private in the172nd Infantry Regiment PA. Discharged on August 1, 1863, at Harrisburg, Pa. William Witmer is the father of my grandfather George Washington Witmer. Place of Burial: Evangelical and Brethren Church Cemetery, Northumberland County, Pennsylvania.

Veterans York County, Pennsylvania

Charles Fake 1840-1917, Civil War Veteran: Private Company C, 166 Regiment PA Volunteer. Place of Burial: Saint Paul Union Cemetery, North Codorus Township, PA.

George W. Fake 1841-1898: Civil War Veteran, Private Company A, 107 Regiment PA Volunteer. Place of Burial: Yorkana Cemetery, Lower Windsor Township, PA.

Lewis Fake 1836-1920, Civil War Veteran, Private, Company C, 166 Regiment of Pa Drafted Militia, Drafted for a 9-month obligation beginning November 8, 1862, ending with discharge on July 28, 1863. (Source: Original Discharge) Place of Burial: Canadochly Cemetery, Lower Windsor Township, PA.

Harold F Fake 1922-1997, Private US Army World War II, Served from March 1943 to October 1943. Place of Burial: Indiantown Gap National Cemetery, Lebanon County, PA.

Leroy S Fake 1906-1966, Private US Army, World War II. Served from January 1943 to August 1944. Place of Burial: Arlington National Cemetery, Arlington, VA.

Veterans Memorial Day 2022 Pennsylvania

Today over the Memorial Day 2022 Pennsylvania 3-day weekend individuals are celebrating with more travel, family gatherings, and parties. Last year due to the COVID-19 situation some Memorial Day activities were canceled due to restrictions placed on crowd sizes. Links to Memorial Day 2022 events including parades, ceremonies, and art festivals.

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