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Ancestry Europe to America is launching today July 2018.

Welcome to some courageous ancestry stories about my Western European and American families in their travels to new homes and farms in Penn’s Woods- Pennsylvania (1700-1800).

On my father’s  (Nathaniel Edward Fake 1916-1999) side of the family, their last names were mostly (Schneider, Veeck, Feg, Faeg, Feeg, Faike, Fake) traced back to 1575 in Richstein, Germany.

In my mother’s Mildred Elizabeth Witmer (1916-1977) family the last names ( Whittmer, Witmer) changed infrequently from 1470 in Hamburg, Germany.

What’s Next?

My blogging plan is to post ancestry stories about twice a month. Research for this effort began about 12 years ago and continues today. Most of the continuing research and updating is done with internet and Historic Society searches.

All relatives or interested individuals can make contributions in the COMMENT section. Stories about your personal experiences would add an extra dimension to this journey.  These experiences are always welcome on Ancestry Europe to America.

Ancestry Information

I am very fortunate that my father, Nathaniel Edward Fake (1916-1999), was into the ancestry hunt long before computers. In his files are hundreds of handwritten forms, scraps of paper with family info and certificates of birth, baptism, and graduation.

My father worked with Earl E. Fake (1932-1996) from Reading, Berks County in compiling the Fake family tree for York County, Pennsylvania.

In the inherited information base are original ledger books with handwritten wills, deeds, estate settlements, personal and business accounts. They provide detail that one would never find in a Google search.

Below you can view an image that communicates to the ancestry community that my great-grandfather, Nathaniel Fake ( 1851-1924) was a cigar manufacturer in Yorkana, York County, Pennsylvania.

Next Post

The discussion will be centered around why thousands of German immigrants came to America in the period from 1700 to 1800. Our German relatives came to a largely unsettled country for many reasons. These reasons will be discussed in the next ancestry blog post.

In high school, my preference was chemistry over history.  Today my passion is Ancestry history which will be on display in the next post- European Palatine Migration to America.

Ronald L Fake (1940), Publisher

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Ronald L. Fake

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