Thane J Fake Memorial Notes 1972-2018

Memorial Note for Thane J Fake (1972-2018)

This post is dedicated to Thane J. Fake who left this earth on September 13, 2018. He was strong and courageous in his battle with cancer.

Thane was known for his love of Jaguar sports cars, his loyalty to Penn State, his large and diverse group of friends, his service to the United States at the Justice Department and his politics.

Life of Thane J Fake

Thane J Fake was born in York, May 10, 1972, the son of Ray E Fake and the late Stephanie L (Mohr) Fake. Thane graduated from the Penn State University in 1998 with a B.S. in Public Service.  After graduation, he was involved in mentoring potential students to attend Penn State.

He began his career at the U.S. Department of Justice with a Presidential Appointment as Staff Assistant to Attorney General Janet Reno. From that position, he received numerous promotions until his recent disability retirement from the Department of Justice.

Thane was active in the Democratic party and a collector of political memorabilia. Over the past 20 years, he would attend family outings at Aunt Amy’s, (Amy Fake Leiphart), Aunt Linda’s (Linda Fake Fischer) or in more recent years with his Cousin Sherrie Leiphart Strayer.

When he arrived at these family gatherings two things happened- He brought his favorite party drink and he was always ready to discuss politics. In the earlier years at Aunt Amy’s when Thane and Josh arrived, we had enough young men to play tag football. At all gatherings, we had plenty of great food, family fellowship, and activities for younger folks. 

Thane’s Passion- Penn State Football

Over the years we enjoyed numerous football games and tailgating with Thane, his dad Ray, his brother Josh, cousin Brian, nephew Kobe, and friends. He was always pumped up for Penn State sports where his enthusiasm level was found on Facebook and in text messages. Always…GO PENN STATE…GO PENN STATE.



Thane J Fake at Penn State Football
FR Josh, Ronald, and Ray Fake

BR Thane, Kobe, and Brian Fake

Cancer Story

It’s been about 5 years since Thane called from his bed at York Hospital and gave me the bad news of lung cancer. Next day we were at his bedside for support.  Since then we made many visits to the York Hospital and a more recent visit to the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia to support Thane during his radiation treatments.

My brother Ray at a young 76 deserves a shout out for his constant support helping Thane, especially during his last several years. Ray took up residence with Thane to help with the basics plus mowing the lawn and gardening. When Thane could not drive Ray drove to the doctor appointments and hospital stays. His brother Josh and friends also made many contributions supporting Thane.

In the past two years, Thane was responsible for encouraging his dad Ray to get proper treatment for his bout with anal cancer. He deserves credit in lining up great doctors for radiation and eventual removal of Ray’s tumor leaving him cancer-free.

Thane Was Social

Thane was instrumental in starting a long-running series of luncheon meetings with a text message- let us meet at Hoss’s for lunch in East York. The participants were Thane, his dad Ray, Pam ( my finance) and myself. Sometimes additional friends would join us and once a doctor joined us for lunch. Thane knew that this would help to bring his dad and uncle closer.

Thane was responsible for the organization of the family Veterans Day lunch at McCormick & Schmick’s restaurant. The deal was a free lunch for the family Navy veterans- his dad and myself. He sometimes invited other military veterans to the lunch. We always had a great time at Inner Harbor, Baltimore.

One could follow Thane’s social calendar thru his Facebook posts. You knew where he was, what food was being consumed and his meal partners. In the past year when there was no FB post from Thane for several days, my text message went out to inquire of his status. Most likely he had a bad experience with his cancer drugs.

Jaguar Fleet

Over time Thane acquired not one, but three Jaguar sports cars. Each one had two cockpit type seats low to the ground.  Shortly after he took possession of his latest Penn State blue Jaguar we got the first preview and ride. After lunch at an Italian restaurant, we were chatting in the parking lot where Thane asked Pam if she wanted a ride in his new Jaguar. After her return, it was my turn for a 10-minute ride where we hit higher speeds on Route 30 near the York Galleria Shopping Center.

Thane in tux for thanksgiving dinner
Thane in Tuxes

Over the past several years we routinely invited Thane, his dad Ray, his brother Josh and my son Ronald for Christmas and Thanksgiving dinner.  The past year Thane showed up wearing a tuxedo. We had no dress code.  After our meal, Thane was headed to the Capital Jaguar Owners club for his second Thanksgiving dinner.

Hope for Thane

Thane, his relatives, and friends always had great hope to find that drug to eliminate cancer from his body.

Now he rests in peace enjoying Penn State football from the ultimate stadium.

Memorial contributions may be directed to the Thane J Fake Scholarship Fund online at

By Uncle Ron (Ronald L. Fake) 1940-


Ronald L. Fake

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