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Welcome to my ancestry family journey from the Rhine River valley in Germany to America in 1710. You will find interesting stories about my courageous Western European and American families in their experiences and journeys to new homes and farms in the Province of New York and eventually a permanent settlement in the Province of Pennsylvania (1723-1724).

Notables that will become important ingredients of my Journey stories include Queen Anne of England, William Penn, Benjamin Franklin, George Washington, Indian peace negotiator Conrad Weiser, Mohawk Indians of the Province of New York, and the Lenape Indians of the Province of Pennsylvania.

Significant places where my ancestors traveled in their historic migration to America include Rotterdam, London, Nutten Island (off the southern tip of NYC), Saugerties, Province of New York, the Valleys of Schoharie, New York, and Tulpehocken, Berks County, Province of Pennsylvania.

Journey Europe to America

On my father’s  (Nathaniel Edward Fake 1916-1999) side of the family, their last names were mostly (Schneider, Veeck, Feg, Faeg, Feak, Feck, Fake) traced back to 1575 in Richstein ,  Germany. My DNA results lend credibility to the family’s Western European origins.

In my mother’s (Mildred Elizabeth Witmer 1916-1977) family the last names ( Whittmer, Witmer) changed infrequently from 1470 in Hamburg, Germany.

Western Europe 1800


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We began with the first story in August 2018 about German Palatinate ancestors who migrated from the Rhine River valley to colonial America in 1710. Queen Anne and her husband, Prince George of Denmark of German stock and a Luthern were concerned enough about the plight of the Palatines to put plans into action to transport them to America. Quite naturally the English government had some additional motives-like use of the newfound Palatine labor to help expand the English presence in America.

Their ship James & Elizabeth sailed from London on December 5th, 1709 with a sailing fleet of 10 ships holding about 3,000 Palatines. They arrived on 16 June 1710 in the Province of New York (today NYC). One can only imagine the conditions and food rationing that was required over the 5-month journey with 300-400 fellow Palatines. We as an ancestry family are thankful that they survived the trip.

Freedom from British Rules

My ancestors and thousands of additional arrivals from the European countries made the journey to the new America for several basic reasons- freedom of religion, freedom from constant wars, and own land to build a homestead for their families. Additionally, the English government was promoting and offering incentives to populate this new world. You need to read the complete story Independence July 4th, 1776 to find to what freedoms were not found in the Providence of New York and the freedoms that William Penn made available in the Province Pennsylvania.

The United States of America was formed by the founding fathers of the original 13 colonies declaring our independence from Great Britain over 240 years ago. Following the Declaration of Independence more substantial tools for governing were created by colonial officials. They include the Articles of Confederation which was replaced by the United States Constitution.

Research Efforts

Research for this effort began about 12 years ago and continues today. Most of the continuing research and updating is done with searches at Genealogical Research( Pennsylvania State Archives), Ancestry.Com, and local Historic Societies. These efforts involve lots of visits to farms and land which was owned at one time by an ancestry family. In addition trips to churches and their cemeteries are part of the necessary duty to get the best genealogy information.

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At the end of this post, you will find a comment posted by Karl Shaffer One Thought to “My Ancestry Journey Europe to America.” Karl and I are related through Elisabeth Feeg (Feg) who is my 6th Great Aunt.

Author and Publisher

Ronald L. Fake (1940) Pennsylvania native is from York County and has lived in Central PA for most of his life. As a youth, my early experiences were working with farming on my grandfather Kurvin Fake’s small dairy farm near Wrightsville, Pennsylvania. These experiences provide insight into some of the struggles of my ancestry farmers.

After graduating from Wrightsville High enlisted in U.S. Navy. While in the Navy working in the field of Aviation Electronics decided to enroll in college.  There the focus was on urban geography and environmental studies.

In 1968 after receiving my diploma from San Diego State University worked with county and state governments, and private industry on the approval process and environmental impacts of transportation and land-use projects. My jobs and or consulting projects were located in the states of California, Florida, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Texas, and Tennesse.

After retirement started my ancestry research and today writing that history as a blog at

Thanks for your Ancestry visit.

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One thought to “My Ancestry Journey Europe to America”

  1. I am a direct descendant of Peter Schaffer and Elisabeth Feeg. Your story is very entertaining and fills in a lot of questions I have had about the NY and Tulpehocken experience. I did read the account given in The History of the Grimm Family of Pennsylvania and Its Associated Families, which gives a brief overview of that experience with minor variations, but I appreciate your more detailed account. Four generations of Schaffers, Peter’s father Johannes Nicholas Schaffer, son Johan Nicholas, and grandson Johan Nicholas Jr lived in the Tulpehocken area until the next generation, Michael, moved to Urban, Northumberland, PA, and his son Joseph moved to Dauphin, then Crawford Co. Three more generations were born in Crawford Co.
    I was the first generation born in Ohio, but after college moved to Pottstown to work at King of Prussia. I had no idea at the time of how close I was to my ancestral lands. Not only that, but many years later I discovered that my Flickinger ancestors lived in nearby Cocalico, and my Klinger and Hoffman ancestors lived in Reading after arriving from Europe. Many of my other ancestors also passed through the area, including Matthias Flaugh who spent a cold winter at Valley Forge after fighting at Brandywine and Germantown.

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